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Inter-Ed is involved in the publishing, promotion and selling of books that would of value to psychologists and mental health professionals based in South Africa and internationally. Inter-Ed also runs CPD-compliant workshops and online courses based on these books, in South Africa.


Cross-Cultural Cognitive Test Norms

Cross-Cultural Cognitive Test Norms, An Advanced Collation from Africa. By by Ann B. Shuttleworth-Edwards and Sharon Truter.

This publication is a long-awaited collation of normative data for commonly employed cognitive tests pertaining to eighty-two test versions and sixteen countries in Africa. However, the book is much more than a reference source for normative data. It provides a review of the clinical and research challenges involved in cross-cultural assessment. In addition, there is a user-friendly section with step-by-step guidelines on the application and interpretation of the norms, that can be applied in culturally diverse contexts worldwide. Read more about the book.



Law and Ethics in Psychology

Law and Ethics in Psychology: An International Perspective, Third Edition by Alfred Allan (2016)

Prof Alfred Allan has done an extensive research into comparative ethical systems for psychology in English speaking countries, including South Africa, the USA, Australia, Britain, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.

He has found that the legal and ethical principles regulating the behaviour of psychologists are substantially similar.

This book examines the largely common legal and ethical principles and applies them to the practice of psychotherapy.



Inter-Ed offers both local based workshops and online courses available to national and international audiences. Both the workshops and online courses have been designed to be based on the book, helping mental health professionals in South Africa gain confidence in their work while gaining ethical CPD points needed for their membership with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) annually



Inter-Ed publishers is a South African publishing business. Its inception was inspired by the work of attorney and psychologist Prof Alfred Allan whose first book was titled “The Law for Psychotherapists and Counsellors”.

Besides publishing books, Inter-ed strives to promote the books by offering various workshops and courses based on them.