Through counselling psychologist, Dr Sharon Truter’s desire to gain knowledge, she stumbled upon the thesis of Alfred Allan, who had done his doctorate in law and ethics in Psychology. After attending a workshop presented by Allan on this thesis and finding its contents so valuable for her field, Dr Truter soon realised that the availability of resources and books as practical as this one in South Africa, was limited and persuaded him to turn his thesis into a book.

Inter-Ed was thus started to bring resources and books as practical and valuable as Alfred Allan’s to South Africa, to enable counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals access to international authors. Inter-Ed has been involved in the publishing, promotion and selling of a curated selection of books. Since publishing “Law and Ethics in Psychology: An International Perspective” by Alfred Allan, several new editions have been published and over 6000 copies have sold.

The workshops and online courses were then designed to be based on the book, helping mental health professionals in South Africa gain confidence in their work while gaining ethical CPD points needed for their membership with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) annually.

Over the years Alfred Allan still presents regular workshops in South Africa based on his book, even though he has since moved to live in Australia. In Australia Alfred teaches Law and Ethics in Psychology and prescribes his book to his students.

As a practicing psychologist, Dr Truter aspires to seek out more resources that would be of value for psychologists in the modern age – from an international perspective.